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1.Detail about item?
Each of our item is described individually and in honesty.
Photos may has color shading,And size is also for reference only.If you want accurate size,please contact with us.To avoid any dispute,we provide a 14 days return policy.More detail please see after service page.
Does your tsuba,fuchi kashira,menuki,ito,habaki etc fit my sword?
Each tsuba,fuchi kashira has difference in size,So you have to resize the hole of the tsuba,using seppa,file the tang of the blade and file the tsuka will all be useful.
About menuki,Big sword will use a big menuki,common sword should use a middle size menuki,tanto should use a tanto menuki.
About habaki,seppa:They are standard size,but of course your blade may not standard,so you also should use file to reside blade or habaki,seppa.
How long to finish my order If one of your order is out of stock?
Generally speaking,It will take 1-3 weeks to finish buyer's order.We will records every payment and the detail request,please don't worry.

How long will it take to deliver my item?
Generally,We will ship buyer’s order in 3 business days(excluding Saturday & Sunday,Holiday)after buyer’s payment cleared.If your items is out of stock, Generally it will take us 1-2 weeks to finish buyer’s order.
We will inform buyer in 3 business days after buyers payment.The delivery time is Processsing times(3 business days) plus shipping time.
Where do you ship from?
All of our items shipped form Beijing,China.
Do you offer international shipping?
We ship our items to available countries of shipping.To most of countries.
More detail see Shipping & Discount.
Do you combine postage?
Yes,We welcome buyer combined your purchase in 7 days.If you want more time,please inform us.
We charge flat shipping fees.

How long should I pay my order?
All items you won should be paid in 7 days.Or else we will close buyer’s order.
How did I pay my order?
We accept Paypal,Bankwire Transfer,Western Union.
Paypal is a convenient way and our favorable way.
More detail please contact with us. 

Our returning address is on about us page.Please be sure to tell us first when returning a item.
We have a 90 days returning policy.We give buyer’s full refund including postage after received original items.Buyer will pay the returning postage.More detail please see After service page. 

We are glad to provide better discount if you are a businessman or a swordsmith.
Please see Shipping & Discount Page,or contact with us via email.
You have to registered on our site so that we can upgrade your discount depend on your total amount.