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T10 Blade

T10 Blade Free Shipping Wave Tsuba Unokubi-Zukuri T10 Blade Wakizashi Katana Sword (NWT10)

Quality: (1)Good price according to the high quality. (2)Quality:It's very good for cutting bamboo,Tatami, paper and so on.It is also very good for bending test,It can become straight after bending heavily. (3)This is the popular items which is recomm
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Item Description
Blade Material Overall Length Blade Length Tsuka Length Weight
T10 Steel 70CM(±1CM) 51CM(±1CM) 18CM(±1CM) 1080g
Blade Thickness Blade Hardness Tsuba Ito Material Saya    Material
0.78-0.8CM 56-58HRC Brass Genuine Rayskin Hard wood
This data are base on our sword,You can see the details clearly and you can have a good Comparision!