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T10 Hamon Blade

T10 Hamon Blade Free Shipping T10 Blade With Real Hamon Samurai Katana Sword (NT10H-1)

Quality: (1)Good price according to the high quality. (2)Quality:It's very good for cutting bamboo,Tatami, paper and so on. It is also very good for bending test,It can become straight after bending heavily. (3)The using of TECH of clay tempered will
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Item Description
Blade Material Overall Length Blade Length Tsuka Length Weight

T10 Steel

With Real hamon

105CM(±1CM)   /41.5 Inch 73CM(±1CM)  /28.7 Inch 26CM(±1CM) /10 Inch 1400g
Blade Thickness Blade Hardness Tsuba Ito Material Saya    Material
0.78-0.8CM 56-58HRC Brass Genuine Rayskin Hard wood
This data are base on our sword,You can see the details clearly and you can have a good Comparision!